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Chapter 45: A Peak unto Yourself

It seems that trees are sensitive to your innermost thoughts. There is no need to say anything, they understand; they listen to the subtle vibrations in your mind. Certainly, soon the whole science will be clear, but as I see it, every thought is nothing but a vibration; and you are radiating, broadcasting certain vibrations around you. Because people are dull, their minds are retarded. They have thick skulls; and those vibrations don’t reach them.

It happened in Switzerland, after the Second World War. A man had been shot in the head. The bullet was removed, but as they removed the bullet, a strange phenomenon started happening: the man became sensitive to the nearest radio station. Without any radio he was listening to the music, the morning news, and he had no way to turn it off. He was going crazy. From early morning till late at night, he was continuously listening to the broadcast.

He told his nurses and doctors, and they wouldn’t believe him; they thought the man had gone mad. But he said, “Please, just give me a chance to prove it. You can keep a radio somewhere in the hospital, fixed on the nearest radio station, and I will say what is being broadcasted. You can listen on the radio to see whether I am saying the same or not.”

The suggestion was perfectly intelligent. The experiment was done, and the doctors were amazed. The bullet had somehow changed the mechanism in his ear. It had become so sensitive that the thought waves. They are passing just by here, now, from all over the world, from all the radio stations, and it is good that you cannot hear all of them otherwise you will go insane, so it is a protection. But that man was asking to be helped; otherwise he would go insane.

His ear was operated on, and although he became deaf in one ear, he was happy that the radio station had stopped. But it has given the clue that it is possible not to have to carry your transistor, keeping it close to your ears, moving on the road. Just a small mechanism may soon be possible which you can fix into your ear. Nobody will know - just like an earplug - and it may have certain stations on it. Whatever you want to listen to, you can listen to, and whenever you want to stop you can take the plug out.

The possibility now exists that any day your ears can be made very sensitive. But that man showed another possibility, that ears are already sensitive. Somehow, just to save your sanity, nature has closed them to subtle vibrations that are passing by. Trees don’t have any ears; they feel those vibrations all over their body - each leaf, each branch, the whole trunk, feels it. Don’t think that trees are dead, don’t think that you can cut them down and you are not harming them. Even when you pluck a flower you are unaware that you have hurt the tree, you have created a wound in it.

If the mystics have been holding counsel with the trees of the forest, there is nothing to be surprised about. The mystics have always been aware that anything that grows is alive, and anything that is alive must have some ways of sensitivity.

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