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Chapter 10: Out of the Mud and the Mire

You say: now I am only listening to the inner voice for direction. Is there any more I can do? No, if you do anything you will disturb the whole thing. You simply wait. Simply wait, prayerfully, meditatively. Things are happening. The inner voice will start leading you. And when the inner voice starts leading you, don’t be cunning, don’t choose. Don’t say, “This I will choose and this I will not choose” Then it will not be of any meaning. Then even if it does come from the inner voice, if you remain the chooser you decide from the ego. Now relax into the inner voice. Let it take possession of you.

It will be difficult for you because you say you are “experienced, well-trained and successful.” It will be difficult for you because one never knows where the inner voice is leading. The inner voice may say to you “become a sannyasin” - that’s what my feeling is. But then don’t bring your experienced mind and successful past and your well-trained state into it. Don’t interfere. If the inner voice says “become a sannyasin,” then become a sannyasin - there is nothing to do on your part. Just be possessed. The more you trust the inner voice, the more clear and loud it will become. And the more you trust and act accordingly, by and by you will see there is no need to think about anything.

God goes on giving you hints, but you don’t listen. God goes on saying what has to be done, but he whispers - that’s true. He does not shout. And we are so full of noise that that whisper is lost. Listen to the inner voice, that is God’s voice. And don’t only listen, act on it. Move into commitment, into involvement.

When you start acting on the inner voice.. Sometimes it will be very risky, but take the risk - because only when there is risk is there life, only when there is risk is there growth. Live dangerously. If the voice says “do this” then do it and don’t bother too much about consequences. Nothing else matters.

And sometimes your mind will tell you that this is too much - think about it. If you think, the inner voice will be lost. It is lost in thinking. Don’t think. Act. And you will see that each act brings you closer and closer to the voice. And when you have acted many times and have seen that the voice always takes you to the right place, then there will be no doubt. And then thinking can be dropped. It is a substitute. Because we have forgotten how to listen to God, we have to think.

The real man of awareness need not think. God goes on supplying him with all that is needed, whenever it is needed.

The second and third questions are connected:

Do you have some sort of contraption in your room with which you control or alter the moods of everyone in the ashram, putting everyone into the same or similar mood at the same time? It seems that everyone goes through the same cycle or phases, not as individuals but as a community. What’s up?

And the third:

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