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Chapter 1: The Great Way Is Not Difficult

What do you do near a waterfall? You listen, you become silent and quiet, you absorb. You allow the waterfall to go deeper and deeper within you. Then everything becomes quiet and silent within. You become a temple - the unknown enters through the waterfall.

What do you do when you listen to the songs of the birds, or wind passing through the trees, or dry leaves being blown by the breeze? What do you do? You simply listen.

This Sosan is not a philosopher, he is not a theologian, he is not a priest. He does not want to sell an idea to you, he is not interested in ideas. He is not there to convince you, he is simply blooming. He is a waterfall, or he is a wind blowing through the trees, or he is just a song of the birds - no meaning, but much significance. You have to absorb that significance, only then will you be able to understand.

So listen, but don’t think. And then it is possible for much to happen within you, because I tell you: this man - this Sosan about whom nothing much is known - was a man of power, a man who has come to know. And when he says something he carries something of the unknown to the world of the known. With him enters the divine, a ray of light into the darkness of your mind.

Before we enter into his words, remember the significance of the words, not the meaning; the music, the melody, not the meaning; the sound of his soundless mind, his heart, not his thinking. You have to listen to his being, the waterfall.

How to listen? Just be silent. Don’t bring your mind in. Don’t start thinking, “What is he saying?” Just listen without deciding this way or that, without saying whether he is right or wrong, whether you are convinced or not. He does not bother about your conviction, you also need not bother about it. Simply listen and delight. Such persons like Sosan are to be delighted in; they are natural phenomena.

A beautiful rock - what do you do with it? You delight in it. You touch it, you go around it, you feel it, the moss on it. What do you do with clouds moving in the sky? You dance on the earth, you look at them, or you just keep quiet and lie down on the ground and look at them and let them float. And they fill you. Not only the outer sky - by and by, the more you become silent, they fill your inner sky also. Suddenly you are not there, only clouds are moving, in and out. The division is dropped, the boundary is no longer there. You have become the sky and the sky has become you.

Treat Sosan as a natural phenomenon. He is not a man. He is godliness, he is Tao, he is a buddha.

Before we try to move into his significance, a few things have to be understood. They will give you a push.

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