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Chapter 26: The Illogical Electron

Do I rightly understand you that if you and your beloved can transmute your sexual energy into spirituality, that this relationship will not be satisfying either? Your seeming contradictions on love confuse me.

Nellie, confusion is my way of working on you. I confuse you so that clarity becomes possible. People are very much certain, they already think they know. And because of their certainty they are closed. If you already know, then there is no need to seek and search. For what? If you already know, then you can keep your doors and windows closed.

People are much too certain, and that is a great problem. They have to be made uncertain again, they have to be shaken in their certainties; their dogmas and creeds have to be taken away. Hence confusion arises. What is confusion? It is when you start losing grip on your old certainty. You were feeling that you know, and suddenly you start feeling that you don’t know. You were thinking you have the answer, and suddenly you become aware that the question is there and the answer was just imposed.

It happens to every new disciple here - and Nellie is a new sannyasin; just the other day she has become a sannyasin. For a few days you will become more and more confused. It is a good sign, it means you are listening to me.

There are a few people who go on listening to me and are never confused. That simply means they have not heard; their ears are full of wax, they are deaf. There are people who not only don’t become confused; listening to me they become even more certain. That means they have heard something else that was not said.

Two removal men were struggling with a big crate in a doorway. They pushed and tugged until they were exhausted but it would not move.

Finally, the man on the outside said, “We had better give up, we will never get it in.”

The fellow on the inside said “What do you mean, get it in? I thought you were trying to get it out!”

If you become confused by listening to me, that means you have heard me. The more intelligent you are, the more confused you will become. And I use contradiction as a technique, I go on contradicting myself.

Why do I contradict myself? I am not teaching a philosophy here. The philosopher has to be very consistent: flawless, logical, rational, always ready to argue and prove his statements. I am not a philosopher. I am not here giving you a consistent dogma to which you can cling. My whole effort is to give you a no-mind.

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