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Chapter 9: Means and Ends

Mohammed insisted again and again, almost every day of his life, “I am just a messenger, a paigamber. Don’t worship me, I have just carried a message from the divine. Don’t look at me, look at the divine who has sent the message to you.” But Mohammedans have forgotten the source. Mohammed has become important, the vehicle.

Says Chuang Tzu:

Where can I find a man
who has forgotten words?
He is the one
I would like to talk to.

A man who has forgotten words, he is worth talking to, because he has the innermost reality, the center of being within him. He has the message. His silence is pregnant. Your talking is impotent. What are you doing when you are talking? You are not saying anything in particular. You have got no message, nothing is to be delivered. Your words are empty, they don’t contain anything, they don’t carry anything. They are just symbols. And when you are talking you are simply throwing out your rubbish. It may be a good catharsis for you, but for the other, it can be dangerous. How can you talk with a person who is filled with words? Impossible. The words don’t give space, the words don’t give any opening. The words are too much, you cannot penetrate.

To talk with a man who is filled with words is almost impossible. He cannot listen, because for listening one should be silent, for listening one should be receptive. Words don’t allow that - words are aggressive, they are never receptive. You can talk but you cannot listen, and if you cannot listen, your talk is the talk of a madman. You are talking and not knowing why, you are talking and not knowing what. You go on talking because it gives you a sort of release.

You feel good after having a good chitchat. You feel good because you are relieved; your talking is part of your tensions. It is not coming from you, it is just a disturbance; it is not a song, it has no beauty of its own. That’s why whenever you talk you simply bore the other. But why is he listening? He is not listening, he is just waiting to bore you, waiting for just the right moment when he can take the reins in his hands.

I have heard.

It happened once that a great leader, a great politician, was speaking, and he spoke and spoke and it was getting near midnight. By and by the audience left until only one person was left in the hall. The leader thanked him and said, “You seem to be the only authentic follower the only lover. I feel grateful to you. Everybody has left, and you are still here.”

The man said, “Don’t be deceived, I am the next speaker.”

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