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Chapter 8: Tomorrow Never Comes

Because of the mind we divide time. Then that which we have experienced becomes past, that which we expect to experience becomes future, and that which we are passing through becomes present. But if there is no mind, then it is again an infinite now, eternal now. Here plus now is the reality. There and then are parts of mind, not parts of reality.

To conceive stillness from this second dimension means making an effort to live moment to moment - and you will be still, you will be silent. There will be no trembling inside, no wavering inside, no movement. Everything will have become a pool of deep silence.

Why does this mind move into past and future? Buddha has given it the names tanha, trishna - desire. Buddha says because you have experienced something, you desire it again. Because you desire, you move into the future. Don’t desire and there is no future. It is difficult, because when mind experiences pleasure it wants to repeat it, and when mind feels displeasure it doesn’t want to repeat it. It wants to avoid it. Because of this, a very natural thing, future is created, and because of future we go on missing the present.

You are listening to me. You can either just listen.then you will not have any mind at all. It will be a mindless listening. But if you are listening and trying to understand, then you have moved into the future. If you are thinking about what is being said to you, you have missed what is being said to you; you have moved to the future. And the present is such a subtle, delicate thing, and such a minute, atomic thing that you can miss it in a single movement of the mind. Just a jerk - you have missed it.

If you are listening, then just listen. Don’t think about what is being said, don’t try to find out the meaning, because you cannot do two things in the present. You cannot do two things. Listening is enough. And if you are simply listening, then you are in the present and even listening becomes a meditation.

Mahavira has said that if you can just listen rightly, you need not practice anything else. Just by being a shravaka, a right listener, you will achieve everything that can be achieved - just by being a shravaka, a right listener - because just listening is not just listening; it is a great phenomenon.

And once you know the secret, you can apply it everywhere. Then just eating will be meditation, just walking will be meditation, just sleeping will be meditation. Then anything with which you are in the present, without any movement into the future, will be meditation.

But we don’t know any activity in which we are in the present. Either we begin to think of the past or of the future. The present is continuously missed. That means the existence is continuously missed. And then it becomes a chain process, then it becomes a habit.

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