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Chapter 7: The Shine of Countless Suns

The whole universe is searching for bliss. If you had never known bliss, never tasted it; if you had never had a relationship with bliss, never.. No one can ever go on a search for the complete unknown - how can you do that? How can you search for someone when you have no idea about them: no address, no whereabouts? There has to be an echo somewhere deep within you. Somewhere, far beneath the darkness of your heart, a lamp burns. Sometimes, knowingly or unknowingly, your eye catches a glimpse of it. Sometimes it even happens that you think that this time your happiness is coming from the other - but that too is this same glimpse, and you are simply mistaking it.

Sometimes, listening to some music you felt happy. But how can music give you happiness? While you were listening to the music, something else was happening. Listening to the music, you drowned in your own juices - the music just became an excuse. Because of the music you forgot your cares, your family, the mad race of the world, your mundane problems. The music enabled you to forget the world. And as soon as one forgets the world, one begins to remember oneself, and because of this remembrance one feels happiness.

No one has ever received happiness from music. The happiness comes from within; the music is only an excuse. Similarly, sometimes one finds happiness from sex. This happiness also comes from within; making love is just the excuse. Whenever you have found any happiness, whenever even a ray of happiness has shone in your life - a small, brief glimpse - it has always come from inside you. But your eyes are focused on the outside, so whenever that ray comes you think it has come from somewhere outside of you. You are misunderstanding.

Have you seen a dog chewing an old bone? There is nothing in the dry bone, no juice, but the dog is completely engrossed as he chews it. If you try to snatch the bone away from him he will be angry. He will pounce on you and attack you. There is no juice in the dry bone, so what pleasure is he getting? When he chews the bone he is hurting his mouth, because he scratches the soft skin inside and it bleeds. Then he sucks on the blood and believes that it comes from the bone. This is natural because it wasn’t there until he had the bone in his mouth. The logic of the situation is clear. The dog’s logic is exactly the same as yours. If the dog could clarify his situation, he would say, “Until I put the bone in my mouth I knew no pleasure; I only knew this pleasure afterwards. So the pleasure must have come from the bone.” And then he is not prepared to let go of the bone, even though the bone is just wounding his mouth; his own blood is flowing and then he is swallowing it.

This is exactly your situation. When you feel happiness from music it is actually coming from within you: it is your own juices that you are drinking. When you get pleasure from making love, this pleasure is coming from within you: you are savoring your own juices.

Whenever you have found happiness.. Perhaps you were in the Himalayas, looking at the lofty snow-covered peaks, and you were overwhelmed, speechless, and an exclamation of joy suddenly arose in your heart.. The happiness which flowed at this moment came from within you, the mountains were merely an excuse. The peace, the silence, the presence of the unprecedented beauty of the Himalayas freed you for a moment from your mad race for self-gratification. Once that desire has been broken, once your mind stops its activities for even one moment, the juices flow from within you.

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