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Chapter 23: Our Way Is of Humor, Our Way Is of Bliss

It is that old man who gave me also the habit of covering my head, because I said, “This is not good, to disturb the old man in the night.” Since then, I also sleep with my head covered, so even if I start talking nobody is disturbed.

Talking has been to me just like breathing. That’s the only thing I have done in my whole life. So I recognized the problem, but it took years for me to collect myself and get involved - not just to go on standing on the bank of the river, talking, talking, while the river goes on flowing without listening.. I had to decide that I would jump in and do something, although it was against my nature; this flow of the river had to be disturbed.

So even though I have created communes, I am almost outside the commune. But I have found the rarest people in the contemporary world, the very cream, intelligent.. There is no need for me to do anything, I just have to give a hint. And sometimes even a hint is not necessary. Everything goes on happening exactly the way I would have liked it to happen.

I can love you but I cannot dictate to you.

I cannot say to you, “Do this,” and I cannot nag you if you don’t do it.

But I have found my people.

Now it is no longer a question of my two hands; millions of hands are with me around the world. They are all my hands. I can now afford to be absolutely lazy.

And you know that I am lazy. I don’t do anything, or I do things which only lazy people like me can afford: two hours in the morning taking a bath - I don’t think even Alexander the Great was able to afford that - two hours again in the evening taking a bath. You should one day come and see my bath. Vivek does not allow anybody to enter - it is enough that she allows me! She is otherwise a very strict manager, but she allows me.

Vivek and Hasya together have made my bath really pleasant, because they must be thinking: that two hours this man takes in the morning, and two hours in the evening.just with the water! So now you must see my bathroom; they have arranged so many things there, that two hours are falling short. Now I am thinking to start a third bath at night, because two more hours are needed.

And the remaining time I just sit with closed eyes listening to music - and mostly I fall asleep, to be frank with you, because I have been listening to the same music for thirty years. There is a limit to patience too.

It is strange: as the music starts I start dozing and I wake up immediately as the music stops. I am myself surprised; this is something strange, I should be awake when the music is on. I am awake before it is put on, and I am immediately awake when it is going to stop; I just hear the last line and the first line. But I know the middle so there is no problem in it; nothing, nothing is missed.

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