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Chapter 14: As Below, So Above

The first thing - you could not get the joke, neither could Latifa get it. You were both discussing it and you could not come to a conclusion about what it means.

I had told you beforehand that Latifa will not get it - that is her German heritage. If she were capable of getting the joke she would not be with you either. The very fact that she is with you is enough proof that she is also a hard German - you may be a hard coconut, it does not matter.

There is no need to be worried about the joke. Just start listening more attentively. One misses a joke only when one is not listening attentively, because the moment of understanding a joke is a very small moment. You may have heard the whole joke, but just before the punch line there is a small turning. The turning is so small, delicate and subtle, that if you miss it you cannot connect the punch line with the rest of the joke that you have heard - and then you are at a loss.

A joke is a beautiful method to check on your awareness - whether you are simply hearing, or listening too. There is no need to have a phone number. I can give you the right phone number - even to God - but there is no need to bother anybody.

Just listen to the tape again or see the video again. However hard a coconut you may be, there must be some juice inside. You will get it. And it is one of the mysteries of jokes that they cannot be explained - once you explain a joke, it is no longer a joke. Its whole beauty lies in simple and immediate understanding. No explanation can help; an explanation can only destroy the whole joke. And I am here; I will tell you as many jokes as you want till you learn to get it.

There is no need either to go to Goa. Why harass people in Goa? Harass my people; they are accustomed to all kinds of nuts. And anyway, in India, the coconut is thought to be a very religious, sacred fruit. It is offered to God; there is no other offering which is better than a coconut.

So be here, harass my people - particularly Latifa, because she has to learn how to go beyond love and how to go beyond relationships. Unless you are related to nuts, it is very difficult to go beyond. It is only the great nuts who have helped people to go beyond all relationships, renounce all relationships, learn to meditate, and just be alone.

You are absolutely needed here. First help Latifa. When you see that she has gone beyond, then there are other people waiting in a queue. And the more people you enlighten, the more is your virtue. You may not become enlightened yourself, but you are a great public servant. And as far as forgiving you is concerned, there is no need to mention it. You are already forgiven.

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