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Chapter 1: The Body: The First Step

You will have to sit a little farther apart from each other. Nobody should touch anybody else. Some people can come to the back on the lawn. The people who are familiar with this morning meditation, those who have attended previous meditation camps can sit at the back on the lawn, so that those who are new can listen. That way if I want to say something to them, if I want to give any instruction to them, they can hear. Those who are acquainted should go to the back so that the new people can sit in the front. Yes, old friends can go to the back and new friends can come forward. Some friends can come up here, some friends can come behind so that you can hear. Nobody should sit touching anybody else. Nobody should touch the other. You are still touching each other! Move a little apart! Move a little further! Sit on the sand!

First of all close your eyes softly. Very softly, close your eyes. There should be no strain on the eyes. It is not that you close them forcibly: drop the eyelids slowly, there should be no weight on the eyes. Close your eyes. Yes, close your eyes, close them softly.

Now allow the whole body to be relaxed and make only the mind tense. Put as much tension as you can on the mind, give it as much stress as you can, stress the whole mind. Force yourself to make the whole mind tense. Make it tense with all the strength you have. Make it tense with all your strength but let the whole body relax. Give all the energy to the mind so that the mind is totally tense - just like a closed fist with all the muscles tense. For one minute keep it tense in every way. Don’t allow it to be loose, make it totally tense. Make it as tense as possible. Make the mind within tense in every way. Keep it tense. Make it tense with your full strength, to a climax. With whatever strength you have make it so totally tense that when you let it relax, it can be totally relaxed. Make it tense! Tense it!

Now let it completely relax. Allow it to relax totally. Let the mind be relaxed totally. Release all the tension. A relaxation will start happening inside. You will feel inside that something has dropped, some tension has disappeared, something has become peaceful. Let it relax totally, just relax..

And the sounds which are all around - the wind passing through the leaves, some birds singing - sitting silently, quietly listen to all these sounds. Just listen.

Keep listening to the sounds all around. As you lis-ten the mind will become even more silent, even more silent.listen! Listen silently, totally relaxed. Keep listening. For ten minutes just become a listening.. Go on listening and the mind will start becoming silent.. Go on listening silently, just listening; the mind will become silent. A silence will start arising within you on its own. You just listen.go on listening - the mind is becoming silent, the mind is becoming totally silent. The mind is becoming silent. Go on listening in silence, the mind is becoming silent..