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Chapter 15: The Real Riches

Just create a small ripple of right individuality and it will reach to many people - and certainly to those who are related to you most because they will see it first, and they will understand with great awe. They could not believe their eyes because all that they know of religion is the Sunday church, where nothing happens. They have been going every Sunday, their whole lives, and they come back home just the same.

In the name of religion they know only the Bible or Koran or Gita. And they have been reading it and nothing happens, because they don’t know one thing - that you are a living being and a book is dead, and the man in the church who is delivering a sermon is just a professional. He has prepared the sermon from books, and he goes on repeating the same sermons. Nobody listens, so nobody catches him, that he is repeating the same sermon that he delivered two months before. Nobody listened that time, nobody is listening this time - and you know that that sermon cannot change you because that sermon has not changed the preacher himself. He is just as mundane as you are, perhaps more.

I used to know a Jaina monk who was a very simple man, almost a simpleton. He asked me, “How many lectures do you have?”

I said, “This is a very difficult question. Unless I am finished with my life, I will not know.”

He said, “I have only three: one is for ten minutes, one is for twenty minutes, one is for thirty minutes, depending on the occasion. Sometimes in a conference you have only ten minutes. I have a ready-made, ten minute lecture. If they give twenty minutes, I have a twenty minute one. If they give me thirty minutes, I have a thirty minute one. More than that is not possible, because nobody is interested in listening too much. People want a shortcut.”

I said, “That’s very great! You have found a really great idea.”

And he said, “It works.”

And I asked, “People have not found it out?”

He said, “Nobody has told me anything about it, and I have been using these three lectures my whole life. Wherever I go and talk - in the temples, in colleges, in universities - I ask, ‘How many minutes? Ten, twenty, thirty?’ Whatever they want, my lecture is ready. And I have repeated the same lecture so many times that now I don’t feel nervous. Without thinking at all, I can repeat the lecture!”

Now do you think listening to such a man is going to transform you, or anybody? But every Christian missionary is doing that.

One of the most famous Christian missionaries, known worldwide, was Stanley Jones. He was very friendly with me but he became very angry and then the friendship was broken.

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