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Chapter 25: You Need a Divine Discontent

To live your life according to your own heart, following its beat, going into the unknown just like an eagle flying across the sun in utter freedom, knowing no limits.it is not ordered. It is its own joy. It is the exercise of one’s own spirituality.

“But that is not my being loyal.”

Certainly. I would not like anybody to be loyal to me, because I cannot destroy you, and I cannot take away your dignity. I am here to crown you with dignity, to help you achieve your potential to its fullest, to make you a master of your own destiny. I cannot ask loyalty from you, I cannot ask anything - neither love, nor trust, nor loyalty. But if love arises in you, trust grows in you, that is a totally different phenomenon. The whole credit goes to you; it has nothing.. As far as I am concerned you cannot disappoint me, for the simple reason that I am not asking any loyalty. If you fail in your love, if you fail in your trust, you are not disappointing me, you are disappointing yourself; you are not betraying me, you are betraying your own higher values.

This is a totally different approach, but this is the way of the new man. And the new man is the only hope for the future.

Lately I feel my life has come to a peak. Living in your presence is such a precious and delicious gift. Every moment is becoming so joyful and contented, but then often the fear of death comes up intense and strong and the fear of having to leave all this beauty, this friendship, and love. You keep on telling us lately that we don’t have much time left before this world finishes. How is it possible to relax in this certainty of death?

First it is possible to relax only when death is a certainty. Relaxing is difficult when things are uncertain. If you know that you are going to die today, all fear of death will disappear. What is the point of wasting time? You have one day to live: live as intensely as possible, live as totally as possible.

It actually happened in a man’s life.. His doctor told him, “You have only six months more to live, not a single day more, so if you want to finish anything, finish it. If you have wanted to do anything, do it.”

The man was very rich, and he always had an idea to go around the world to visit all the beautiful places, but there were so many problems that he was continuously postponing it. Now there was no time to postpone. He ordered beautiful clothes to be made for him.. People had never known him so extravagant: he was eating the best food, he purchased the best house in the town, he closed all his businesses. What was the need to keep them? For six months he had more than enough - he could live like a king.

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