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Chapter 9: My Empire Consists Only of Emperors

Medical science cannot help you. It can only confirm that you have the disease, and at the most you have two years to live. That is at the most, because AIDS is a totally new kind of disease. It cannot be categorized with other diseases. Even cancer can be cured, can be operated on. But AIDS does not allow any treatment.

It has to be understood, what it is. AIDS somehow makes you drop, deep down, the desire to live. And the moment somebody gets to the point where he loses the desire to live, he becomes vulnerable to all kinds of infections: he does not create antibodies to fight with disease. He has dropped out of the game of life. No medicine can give back the desire to live. And when you are absolutely vulnerable to any kind of infection - two years is just the longest possibility guessed by the medical profession - most probably within six months you will be gone.

And the danger is, when you know that within six months or one year you are going to leave, you would like to make love to as many men, as many women, as possible - because now you cannot postpone, you may die tomorrow. Tomorrow has never been so uncertain. You have to do whatever you want to do now - today, as quickly as possible.

And when a man is going to die within six months he becomes irresponsible, careless. He starts making love and having contacts with many people - he has to compress his whole life of sexuality into six months. And there may be something biological in it also. It has been a known fact that when somebody is crucified, before he dies his semen escapes from his body immediately. The man is dying; those people who are there in your semen, millions of people, they don’t want to die; they have not even lived, they have not even been born.

Inevitably the dying man on the cross ejaculates before death. Perhaps those poor people hidden in his semen think they may find some way - at least there is no harm in making an effort. This fact has been known for centuries, because whenever a man was put on the gallows this has happened without any exception. Now, AIDS is almost the gallows. Yes, the time period is a little longer - six months, maybe one year. Perhaps if you happen to be in one of my communes, two years.

But knowing that you are going to live only for such a little time, why not make the most of it? And your biology also supports you: “Before you leave the body, let all the living beings hidden inside you be released. At least this favor you can do for the unborn.”

And the people who have AIDS outside my communes are capable of bribing the doctors so that their disease should not be made public.because just the knowledge that you have AIDS creates such a condemnation by the society - the same society that has created AIDS, the same society that has created homosexuality.

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