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Chapter 4: Don't Compare

Once I was in Bombay and J. Krishnamurti was in Bombay. Somebody told him that I was there. He said, “Good.”

People persuaded him, his disciples, that the meeting would be good. And my people also came running to me and they said, “J. Krishnamurti is here, and this is the opportunity of a lifetime for us. It will be good if you meet.”

I said, “Perfectly okay, but who is going to whom? I am not going anywhere. If Krishnamurti comes, he is welcome!”

And Krishnamurti said the same thing, “I am not going anywhere. If Rajneesh comes, he is welcome.”

And there the matter finished, finished forever. There was no need. I told the people, “What will we do? We will sit, unnecessarily wasting each other’s time!”

One thing is certain: you have not attained yet. That I can say without seeing you.

He has also asked another question which becomes a proof of what I am saying: “Osho, can you enter into samadhi whenever and howsoever long you like to remain in it?”

One only enters samadhi once and then one never comes out of it. There is no way out. There is no exit, there is only entrance. I have entered samadhi. Now wherever I am, whatsoever I am doing, it is all happening in samadhi. Now there is no way to come out of it. Samadhi is not a state, is not a mood into which you go and then you can come out. Samadhi is your very being. Now where can I leave my being? It is my very nature. Now where can I leave my nature? I am it!

You don’t understand at all. You may have studied scriptures - Abhedananda seems to be an old type of Hindu sannyasin - you may have studied, you may have read, you may have listened to great scholars, pundits, but you have not tasted the wine, not yet.

The third question:

I feel so sad about leaving. Can you kiss me goodbye with a joke?

A mouse was looking for a new place to live. He traveled for days, always finding something wrong with each house he came to. At last he came to a beautiful mansion and as he approached it he could hear singing in the distance.