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Chapter 13: Light in the Seed

If life is so miserable - and Adolf Hitler had made life miserable - everybody was ready to die. First make people’s lives miserable, don’t let them enjoy life, destroy all the roots of enjoyment, teach them all kinds of inhibitions, tell them that sex is sin, love is sin, teach them that to drink, to eat, to be merry - these are the goals of ugly materialists. Tell them to be self-destructive, prepare them for a kind of masochistic lifestyle in which they become ascetics and they become experts at torturing themselves; and then naturally they would like to get rid of this life as soon as possible. Then it is very easy to persuade them; in fact there is no need to persuade, they are already ready, just waiting for the opportunity. And whenever such a great opportunity arises to die in a religious war, when heaven is so close and so easily available, who would like to miss it? Everybody is ready to die.

No, that is not my idea of religion, Marc. Do you know? Marc means a warrior, a soldier. Mythologically it means the god of war. I have changed his name, but by changing his name it is not so easy to change him. I have given him the name Veet Marc. Veet Marc means go beyond war, go beyond fighting, go beyond the very idea of fight.

But he asks: “Will surrender happen only when I am ready to die for you?” Veet Marc, I don’t want anybody to die for me - I am not a sadist. I want you to live for me. I want you to blossom and flower for me. I want you to eat, drink and be merry for me. I want you to celebrate for me. I want you to live your life as totally, as fully as possible. Yes, death will come, but when it comes out of a fulfilled life it has a beauty of its own. It is not death then, not at all; it is the door to the divine. But you need not die. Your work is to live; that is your sadhana.

That’s my whole teaching: live, because that’s the only way to show gratitude toward existence. It has given you life and you want to die. No reason is worth dying for. Find out every excuse to live and live to the utmost, and live to the maximum, and don’t live in a minimum way.

That’s how people are living. People are living only a very minor percent of their total, just a small percent of their potential - not more than seven percent. Even your greatest geniuses live not more than fifteen percent of their potential, while you can live a hundred percent. Only once in a while a Buddha, a Krishna, a Christ lives a hundred percent.

If you can live a hundred percent, if you can burn your life’s torch at both ends together, simultaneously, then you are surrendered to me. Surrender to life is surrender to me. I don’t stand against life, I simply represent life, love, laughter.

Of course, this is far more difficult; that I know. Dying is so simple, it is so easy; living is difficult, arduous. Dying does not need much intelligence. Any fool can be a soldier - in fact only fools can be soldiers - and anybody can commit suicide. What intelligence is needed? Any idiot can do it. Just jump from any mountain, into any river, into any ocean. Or now even better and simpler processes are available: just take a few sleeping pills and die silently. There is no need to make much fuss, because even jumping from the mountain peak you may hesitate, you will have to take a decision. Just swallowing some pills is not that big a problem; you can easily do it. You can inject poison.

Dying is not of any value. To live is to really accept a great challenge, moment to moment. One has to live with a thousand and one problems, through a thousand and one problems and yet one has to keep one’s cool.

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