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Chapter 14: Work Is Love Made Visible

The religious man never uses the words as if. It is the philosopher, the poet, it is the blind person who thinks, “As if there is light.” He has not seen it, he has heard about it. Everybody is talking about it; perhaps they are right. But it is not his own direct experience, and unless the experience is direct and yours, it is not liberating. It is going to create a bondage. It will make you a dreamer, but dreams need sleep and unconsciousness.

It is to charge all things you fashion with a breath of your own spirit,
And to know that all the blessed dead are standing about you and watching.

This seems to have some truth, at least in this city of the dead. But I will not call them the blessed dead. There is only one blessing and that is life. It is pure mannerism, etiquette, that you call the dead “the blessed.” Then what are you doing here? Why don’t you die and become blessed? Living, you are cursed - and a cursed man, once dead, becomes “the blessed.”

Just the other day I told you that this is a temple of a living god. If you come here, come with your total being and participate with the people in their joy, in their song. But still I have seen on the chairs - or have you removed the chairs? - a lady. I will not call her a woman because woman is a respectable word; a lady is just bribed by the male chauvinists to function almost like the dead. I have seen one woman not participating in your song and in your joy. I don’t see many dead people here; just one poor woman keeping herself apart, afraid to be joyous, afraid to merge and meet you in spirit.

I will have another look when I leave, whether the miracle has happened or not. In the past it used to - Jesus called Lazarus and after four days of living as dead, he immediately came out alive. There are still two hours for the dead lady to become a living woman.

And do you know, the word lady is ugly. It means a good lay. And the lady is supposed to lie down while making love, almost dead - not moving, not showing her joy, not screaming. This is a very cunning strategy of man because he knows the woman can have multiple orgasms. One man can have only one orgasm; his love is finished within two, three minutes. By that time, the lady has not even become warm enough, what to say about hot dogs?

For thousands of years, the woman has been exploited in such cunning ways. She has been told, “This is being graceful, to lie as dead and suffer the whole agony.” That’s why all women, when you are making love to them, close their eyes. They don’t want to see what is happening because they are not participants. Otherwise it is the most beautiful dance of meeting, of merging, of two lovers in oneness.

I cannot support the statement: And to know that all the blessed dead are standing about you and watching.

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