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Chapter 26: Life’s Aim Is Life Itself

And to live this moment without any inhibition, without any repression, without any greed for the future, without any fear - without repeating the past again and again, but being absolutely fresh in every moment, fresh and young, unhampered by memories, unhindered by imaginations - you have such purity, such innocence, that only this innocence I call godliness.

To me, God is not someone who created the world. God is someone that you create when you live totally, intensely - with all your heart, not holding anything back. When your life becomes simply a moment-to-moment joy, a moment-to-moment dance, when your life is nothing but a festival of lights.every moment is so precious because once it is gone, it is gone forever.

Living for any aim simply means you are not living in the present. Living for any heaven is simply greed. And you are missing the present, you are sacrificing the real that is in your hands, at the feet of some imaginary heaven, for which no proof exists at all.

Or being afraid of hell.. There are thousands of monks - Christians, Hindu, Buddhist, Jaina. They are all living out of fear and greed. It is strange that nobody sees a simple fact - that they are living for greed to enter heaven and to enjoy the heavenly pleasures, and they are living out of fear that they should not commit anything wrong; otherwise they will have to suffer hellfire for eternity. And these monks, to whatever religion they belong, are worshipped by you.

These are sick people, they need psychiatric treatment. They are so full of greed that this life is not enough for them, they need some heaven. And they are so much afraid, so much fear-oriented, that out of their fear they have created all kinds of hell. Of course, heaven is for those who will follow the path that they think is the path of virtue. And hell is for those who will not follow the path of virtue according to them.

And just a little look around, and you will be very much surprised: the Hindu gods are not celibate, and according to Jainism or Buddhism, or Catholic theology, celibacy is the foundation of all virtue. What about Hindu gods? According to Jainism and Buddhism, drinking any alcoholic beverage is a sin, but according to Christians, even on their holy days they drink alcohol. Even Jesus was drinking alcohol.

Not only that, Christians brag that Jesus did many miracles. One of them was turning water into wine. Turning water into wine is a miracle - or, is it a crime? According to Jainism and Buddhism, Jesus is a meat eater, a drinker of wine; he is not following the path of virtue. Even Hindu gods, according to Jainism and Buddhism, are living the ordinary life of a householder. They are not celibate and they have not renounced life; they cannot be accepted as holy.

Just in the last part of the past century, Ramakrishna was worshipped by Hindus almost as a god, but being a Bengali, his food consisted mainly of rice and fish. According to the vegetarians, a man who is eating fish, destroying life for his food, is not even human, what to say about divine?

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