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Chapter 3: The Navel: Seat of Will

My beloved ones,

How can the life of man become centered in his being, how can he experience himself, how can he attain his own self? - we have discussed this in the previous two talks of today. Some more things have been asked. In answer to them I will talk to you now on three points. Tomorrow and the day after tomorrow I will answer the questions which are not related to today’s discussion.

And now I will answer the questions which are related to today’s discussion, dividing them into three points.

The first point is about how a man should start living his life from the navel center, centered in the self, centered in his being. Before I go into this I would like to discuss three other significant ways through which the energy that is dormant in the navel can become awake. Once it is awake, it becomes a door through which man can experience a consciousness which is different from his body. I will tell you the three points, then I will discuss them.

The first point is right-diet, the second point is right-work and the third point is right-sleep. A person who does not get a right-diet, right-work and right-sleep can never become centered at the navel. Man has lost touch with all these three things.

Man is the only species whose diet is not predict-able. The diet of all other animals is certain. Their basic physical needs and their nature decides what they should eat and what they should not, how much they should eat and how much they should not, when they should eat and when they should stop. But man is absolutely unpredictable, he is absolutely uncertain: neither does his nature tell him what he should eat nor his awareness tell him how much he should eat nor does his understanding decide when he should stop eating. As none of these qualities of man are predict-able, the life of man has gone in some very uncertain directions. But if there is even a little understanding, if man starts living with even a little intelligence, with even a little thoughtfulness, opening his eyes even a little, then it is not at all difficult to change to a right-diet. It is very easy; nothing can be more easy. To understand right-diet we can divide it into two parts.

The first thing: what should a man eat and what should he not eat? Man’s body is made of chemical elements; the whole process of the body is very much chemical. If alcohol is put into a man, then his body will be affected by the chemical: it will become intoxicated, unconscious. Howsoever healthy, howsoever peaceful the man may be, the chemistry of the intoxicant will affect his body. Howsoever saintly a man may be, if he is given poison then he will die.

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