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Chapter 18: You Just Have to Gather Courage

I don’t see it as a dream; it is just a reality which has to be dared. And it is always that somebody has to be the pioneer; then others will follow. Then for them there is no difficulty, they can see that people are living beautifully. A whole university can float; there is no need for them to destroy the earth with their campuses.

Finally, if we exhaust the ocean too - which will take many thousands of years - there is always a possibility of having floating cities in the sky. All scientific facts are available on how a city can be floated in the air. People will be coming to the earth for production and taking their production back, but they will be living high in the sky.

And these should be adventures, great ecstasies for people, rather than starving and dying like in Ethiopia - one thousand people dying and starving every day, and nobody has any idea what to do.

When I started speaking in India the population was only four hundred million. And I was from the very beginning for birth control; I was condemned because religions are against it. I was for the pill; I was stoned, efforts were made to kill me, because I was “destroying their morality.”

If they had listened to me they would not be in such a trouble. Now the population is nine hundred million - more than double. And by the end of this century, India will have a population of one billion, eight hundred million.

There is no possible way to feed this population - these people are going to die. Fifty percent of the people will be dying, and when fifty percent of people die, you can understand what will happen to the remaining fifty percent: they will be living in a graveyard. Everywhere will be corpses. Nobody will be there to burn them.

It is not my dream. I have all the facts from scientific experiments, that cities can be floated in the sky: but for that, the time has not come.

But for cities in the ocean the time has come, and it is particularly a blessing that existence has given us the chance to be the pioneers - because no country will accept me and my people, but the ocean belongs to no country.

We are going to do it. And only when you see with your own eyes, only when you are living on the ocean, then will you understand that it was not a dream, that it was a vision.

Dreams cannot be fulfilled - dreams are unconscious. Visions are conscious. Dreams happen to all sleeping people; visions happen only when you are awakened. A vision is a reality that can be managed; you just have to have courageous people with you. And I have the best, the most intelligent, the most courageous people with me.

Never think anything I say is off-the-wall. It may appear to be to you - that is just because you compare it with the old, trodden path. I see it happening.

So just wait a little and you will be on the ocean.