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Chapter 12: Live Now, Pray Later

It is certainly far more ancient than ten thousand years. But there is no proof that there has ever been an age of truth; that is imagination. That is the old man, the old country, the old religion. It cannot project into the future; in the future is only death. The future is dark, it can only glorify the past. So the first age, the best, the golden age, is sat yuga, the age of truth.

You will be also surprised: Charles Darwin was not acquainted with the idea. When he started to work on the theory of evolution, it would have been of great help if he had been aware of the Hindu concept of involution, not evolution: man has been falling down, not growing up. There is no evolution, because evolution means future. What evolution is there for a dying man, for an old man? Of course for a child there is evolution, but for the old man everything is shrinking, drowning in darkness. So before the word evolution ever became prominent in the world of thought, Hindus had already made another word - just the opposite of it - very significant: involution. Things are going down every day.

The second stage they call treta yuga. Treta means the third, because what I have called the first stage, sat yuga, they call the fourth stage - the highest. If you call it the first, then the second will be evolution, then the third will be evolution, then the fourth will be evolution. Hindus are very philosophically minded. They have called the first - the oldest - the fourth; the second they have called the third; the third - the second: the fourth - the first, the lowest.

Sat yuga is the best, the golden age, when everything is just as it should be, nothing can be improved upon. There is no crime, there is no immorality, there is no death, there is no sickness, there is no poverty. You name anything bad, and it is not there. They also call it the fourth stage because it is absolutely balanced, just like a table with four legs. It is completely balanced, there is no possibility of falling from it. People don’t lock their doors. They don’t have locks because nobody steals - that’s what Hindus are projecting. It is not true. But if you hurt anybody’s imagination, in which he is living, which is his only joy, he becomes angry. When I started telling them that there were no locks because locks need a certain technology to develop, and there was no technology to make a lock.and people were so poor there was nothing to be stolen from them anyway..

We know even Rama’s wife, one of the other Hindu incarnations of God, was stolen. So if even the incarnation of God’s wife was stolen, what about other people’s wives? And we know about Krishna who stole sixteen thousand wives from other people. They were wives, mothers. They were taken away from their husbands, their children, forcibly. And you call this sat yuga?

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