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Chapter 4: A Buddhafield in Spring

You are afraid, but trying to cover up your fear philosophically. This is what goes on continuously: I say one thing, you understand another. You understand according to yourself, you immediately start manipulating, distorting what you hear.

That’s why communication between light and darkness is so difficult. Between those who know and those who don’t know it is so impossible. You immediately jumped upon the idea, and you made a beautiful weapon out of it to protect yourself.

See the point. Sannyas means dropping all goals, sannyas means being happy as you are. Sannyas means to live living life in utter ordinariness. What nonsense you are talking about - becoming vast and infinite. Living life in its pure ordinariness is sannyas. And then one day it happens: suddenly boundaries disappear. But they disappear only for those people who are ready to live in an ordinary way - eating when hungry, sleeping when feeling sleepy; just living the ordinary life - chopping wood, carrying water from the well, with no pretensions, with no trips in the future, worldly or otherworldly; just living moment to moment, with no desire to proclaim oneself.

You must have great desire to proclaim yourself, “I want to be vast, unlimited.” You can never be vast, you can never be unlimited - you are the barrier! Now the disease wants to be healthy. The disease cannot be healthy: the disease has to go. When there is no disease left, health wells up.

You ask, “What is neo-sannyas?”

It is creating a space in which melting becomes possible, creating a space where you see many, many people melting, dissolving, and you see the beauty arising in them, and you see their benediction, and you see something mysterious surrounding them.

That triggers a process in you. Sannyas cannot cause godliness to happen in you. Sannyas does not believe in the cause-effect relationship; sannyas is a kind of synchronicity where many, many people are flowering, It becomes easier for you to flower. Just so many people flowering and a great energy is released in you. It is not caused by others; it is simply triggered. Somebody is singing a song, and suddenly a song arises in your heart and your lips start moving. It has not been caused, there is no inevitability in it. It is not the effect of somebody’s singing, it is parallel to it. It is provoked, not caused. You have started responding.

And you know it happens, in ordinary life also it happens. Somebody comes who is very happy, laughing, jubilant; you were sitting in a kind of sadness, but suddenly seeing this person, his laughter, his bubbling energy, your sadness disappears. You start laughing. You have forgotten completely your misery, your agony, your problems, your worries. For a moment the other person has called up something from deep in you, just by his presence. He is a catalytic agent. So is the master.

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