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Chapter 5: No Meaning and No Goal

I am not promising anything. There is no judgment, and there is no reward, and no punishment. If you live this moment totally, that is its reward. If you miss, you are already punished. There is no need for anything afterwards, there is no need for a judgment day in the end, when the universe will come to its ultimate death - there is no need. Each moment is giving you its reward, its punishment - and it is up to you. To me, not to live the moment is enough punishment: you missed a living reality. And to live it fully is paradise.

Paradise and hell are not somewhere else. Each moment both are available to you. It is your choice. People who are thinking of the past are missing. People who are thinking of the future are missing. People who are not thinking of past and future, and are simply living this moment intensely - burning their life torch from both ends simultaneously - they are the people who come to know what love is, what beauty is, what truth is.

Would that denounce people who are trying to make a better future for themselves, as well as for their children, and their children’s children? I’m speaking of people that are active in trying to make a better environment, like Greenpeace, peace movements.

I understand. Just think, for five thousand years this is what every generation has been doing. The generation that has preceded us was thinking about us and making a better future: our present was their future. What have they done? For five thousand years continuously every generation, every father, every mother, every teacher, every priest, has been creating a better future. And the total result seems to be just the opposite.

Two things happened. They destroyed their present. They sacrificed, they thought they were martyrs, they thought they were doing great service to humanity. They were doing great disservice, because the time that was given to them - a gift of existence - they wasted. And they have not been able to create a better future. Those five thousand years should become a lesson.

My own understanding is, if you are living your present totally, out of this living, the next moment will be born. You have taken care of the next moment by living this moment totally. Just think how logic can lead to foolish attitudes. The father is told that he has to sacrifice his life for the children; his father sacrificed his life for him. Neither his father could live, nor he can live, nor are his children going to live, because they will be sacrificing their lives for their children. So everybody is sacrificing for somebody else. Strange. Then who is going to live?

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