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Chapter 10: What Next?

You share your ecstasy with them, they grow with you, they learn how to be ecstatic, how to be blissful. Their children will grow with them. This is growth, not progress.

In progress, non-essential things grow, and the essential dies. In growth the non-essentials are non-essential: if they are there, good; if they are not there, even better. But the essential grows. What is essential? Essential is bliss, essential is your inner happiness, essential is orgasmic experiences, peak experiences.

You don’t have big palaces but you have peak experiences. That’s perfect. You may be living in a hut - that will do! You may not have very expensive clothes, but they are not needed - you have a rich being. A different, totally different dimension opens with growth.

Up to the last generation progress has been dominating human mind, but for the new generation, growth has become a meaningful and greater word. All growth groups: encounters, growth trainings, therapies - they are not worried about progress, they are worried about growth. And to me that word is meaningful.

Growth is present-based. Progress is future-oriented. Growth comes out of living and progress comes out of sacrificing. Growth is life, progress is suicide.

Enough for today.