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Chapter 7: The Disease Called Seriousness

Take laughing as a way of living. Exist as laughter; you will be absolutely nonserious. It may be that you may not be able to achieve anything, but what is the meaning of achievement? Even one who achieves - what does he achieve? Even by achieving, nothing is achieved. Then the whole absurdity is this: even if you achieve something, nothing is achieved and much is lost.

The person with a non-achieving mind gains much without gaining. Every moment he is gaining. Whatsoever he gains will not be something very visible. In the end he may not have any achievement in his hand, any award, but he will be rich inside: every moment was rich living. The achievement is in the being, not in the playing. He may not be a great man, a very famous man, a great scientist, a great painter; he may be no one really, but he can die peacefully; he can die lovingly. He is rich inside. Life has given much, as it was. Nothing was snatched, nothing was taken with a struggle. As life was, it has given much. It was a blessing, it was a beatitude, it was a benediction as it was, without any conditions.

The mind that is trying to achieve is saying to the whole of life, to the whole cosmos, “I can be happy only if this is fulfilled.” The person is living with a condition.

You cannot live with conditions toward the whole. You will never be heard. You will never feel any resonance from the whole if you have any conditions. Your own condition will become a stone around your neck. You will be crushed under it by your own hands. It is not that the whole crushes you; you crush yourself with your own stone. And you create a barrier: the whole cannot flow in you because you have a condition. You say, “Come in, but fulfill this much.” The whole cannot flow in you, you cannot flow in the whole. Then everything is crippled and diseased.

So don’t place any conditions on the whole; don’t make any bargains with the whole. Don’t be a competitor with the whole, don’t struggle with the whole. Then you are holy. Flow into it and let it flow into you - unconditional movement, unmotivated movement, out and in, just like breathing. Then you will be nonserious, but intense. Then you will be living, but blissfully. Then there is no possibility of sadness. Then there is no seed of frustration. It is impossible. No one can frustrate you, and whatsoever happens is good. Then good is not against bad; then good is just a feeling - whatsoever happens is good. Then there is nothing against bad, against good.

This I call a religious mind - nonserious, playful, innocent, without any struggle. But the whole concept that we have is of a very serious man.

Someone wrote me a letter yesterday. He writes that he believed in someone as if he was bhagwan, a god, and he believed continuously for fifteen years. And then one day he saw that he was angry.

So he writes that on that day, not only did that man become just human - not a god - but from that day: “I cannot believe that any human being can ever be bhagwan, can ever be a god.”

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