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Chapter 29: Become an Unlimited Being

And there is no other hope for the poor. Revolution has failed. In Russia, the politicians were giving them the hope that after the revolution everything will be paradise. Sixty years have passed; there is no sign of any paradise. Of course, one thing has happened: they have distributed poverty equally. And they don’t allow Russian people to come in contact with the rich countries, out of the simple fear that if they can see how richly, intensely and totally other people are living, then this communism has failed. It could not make them rich, it has only made them all poor - equally poor. So equality has been achieved.

The classes have not disappeared, their names have changed. It was the bourgeois class and the proletariat - the poor and the rich. Now it is the ordinary citizen and the member of the Communist Party. The member of the Communist Party has more power than any rich man ever had, is using for himself all the luxuries that any rich man ever had, is living comfortably with all the technological devices at hand.

And it is only in Russia that to become a member of the Communist Party is so difficult. In any other country you can just become a member if you want to - any moment. No qualifications, no conditions have to be fulfilled. But in Russia, to become a member of the Communist Party is a long process, a long discipline - far longer than a poor man has to travel to become rich. The distance between the hierarchy that is in power and the people is bigger in Russia than anywhere else, for the simple reason that the middle class has completely disappeared and it has left a big gap.

In other societies, the society is divided not only into two classes - about that, Marx is absolutely wrong. Society is divided into many steps. Those two may be the extreme steps - the poorest and the richest - but in between there are many classes. So there is a link. And the middle class is the biggest class, because on one hand it joins the poor, on the other hand it joins the super-rich.

In Russia the middle class has disappeared, because the rich are no longer there. So the rich and the middle class both have been reduced to the proletariat. Poverty is so equal that you don’t feel hurt, you don’t feel jealous. There is nothing to feel jealous of; everybody is just like you.

God has failed, Marx has failed. And I don’t give any hope - naturally, I cannot fail. They were all giving hope, and they could not fulfill the hopes. I am not giving you any hope. On the contrary, I am taking away all your hopes, all your future, so that you can live in this moment. Even if you have not much to live for, still, one can make this moment a paradise by small things.

And if the whole of humanity is convinced that this is the only moment to live, the misers will disappear on their own accord - because they are not living, they are accumulating for the future. The monks and the nuns will disappear, because they are not living in the moment; they are living for some heaven, some paradise somewhere.

So the basic thing today is that God, which is another name for hope; revolution, which is a materialistic name for God - they function exactly the same. Their function is to keep people intoxicated. My work is to wake people up and stop them taking all these opiums.

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