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Chapter 26: Not a “Work” but a Celebration

I said, “Every word can have many meanings, many implications. What did you understand?”

She said, “I understood simply that you cannot accept coexistence.”

I said, “You misunderstood me completely. I was saying that coexistence is still war. Coexistence means we will tolerate each other. Coexistence means, ‘What else to do? - we have to live together.’ All husbands and wives are living in coexistence. All nations are living in coexistence. All religions are living in coexistence. But this coexistence is not a joyful, celebrating experience. I was going to say to you, I want one existence, not coexistence. Why divide?”

She said, “My god, I reported your answer on the television and I have done an injustice to you. Because that ‘no’ is resounding all over America, and naturally with the same meaning.”

Words are delicate people, and as you become deeper, you start giving new meanings to words. By saying no to coexistence I was saying that the whole idea of coexistence is ugly. It means we cannot be one - that we will remain enemies. We will not fight, but the antagonism is absolutely implied in the word ‘coexistence’. And this is the situation with the whole language.

Don’t call it sadness and you will see the change:

It is silence.

That is natural when you come across beauty.

And then you say, “It feels as if the sun is my home.” You will be simply burned there! It will be your grave, it cannot be your home. The sun is our life source, but we have to be at a certain distance. The sun- rays reach us in eight minutes’ time, with the speed of light - it is a vast distance. One hundred and eighty-six thousand miles per second the light travels, multiplied times sixty - that means one minute - and then multiplied by eight. That will be the distance the sunrays travel to reach us. This much distance is absolutely necessary, neither less nor more. If the sun comes closer we will be burned, and if the sun goes farther away, again we will be dead because it will be too cold - unbearable.

It is a strange coincidence, why only on the earth life exists: because it is at the right distance from the sun. On no other planet does life exist. Some are closer, some are farther away. This beautiful earth is immensely fortunate to be at exactly the right distance.

The sun is not your home. Your home is within you. And you are not to search for it anywhere.

You are your home.

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