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Chapter 7: Aes Dhammo Sanantano

He became famous all over Bengal, and the secret was very simple. He was a very good man; before he died he revealed his secret. He said, “The secret was this: I had bribed two persons, one was the ticket collector and the other was the driver. Just two persons were bribed, and the whole show was so perfect!”

So who knows whether Lazarus was pretending to be dead. It is possible. If you doubt, you can doubt anything. After all these miracles, still the apostles were asking Jesus again and again, “Give us proof!” Even at the last moment, when he was crucified, they were hiding in the crowd and waiting for the ultimate miracle to happen. And when it did not happen they were really very disappointed. So their whole life was wasted by this man! He had been doing all kinds of tricks, and now on the cross everything failed. So there was no God behind him; otherwise this was the time to prove it! They were all greedy people.

Your question is full of greed. So when you ask me, “If it is the case, would that make any difference for me?” even in asking, you know it will make a difference, because you are not here for any love affair - not out of trust but out of greed. You want to gain something - and if the man is not enlightened, then why waste your time here? Move somewhere else, find the right person who can help you. If I am not enlightened, how can I help you to be enlightened? So what is the point of being here? And I say to you it is better that you move, because I have said clearly it is not only possible, it is absolutely certain that I am not enlightened.

So those who are here out of greed, spiritual greed, should not be here; this is not the place for them. This is not a business place! It is only for those who are gamblers, who can risk. It is only for those who are a little bit mad, drunkards.

I don’t promise you anything. I don’t promise you the kingdom of God, I don’t promise you enlightenment - I don’t promise at all. My whole approach is of living moment to moment; enlightened or unenlightened, what does it matter? Living moment to moment joyously, ecstatically, living moment to moment totally, intensely, passionately..

If one lives passionately, the ego dissolves. If one is total in one’s acts, the ego is bound to dissolve. It is like when a dancer goes on and on dancing: a moment comes when only the dance remains and the dancer disappears. That is the moment of enlightenment.

Whenever the doer is not there, the manipulator is not there; whenever there is nobody inside you and there is only emptiness, nothingness, that is enlightenment. And out of that beautiful space whatsoever is born has grace, has glory.

Paradise is not something geographical, it is not somewhere else; it is a way of living. It belongs to those who can live totally and intensely. Then immediately, herenow, paradise descends - or, even better, wells up within their own sources, within their own beings. Just the space is needed for it to well up.

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