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Chapter 21: The Fear of Tomorrow Destroys Your Today

You are amongst people who have a certain prejudice, a certain blindness, a certain conditioning, and you don’t belong to them any more. They are bound to think of you as crazy. Enjoy it; don’t feel offended, it is natural. In fact, let them start thinking that you are happier than they are, you are more peaceful than they are, you are more together than they are; let them think, “Who is crazy?”

All of my sannyasins are facing the same problem everywhere, but they are facing it courageously. And I can say with absolute conviction that the victory is going to be yours because truth is with you, you are not living according to a bogus ideology. You are living according to nature, simplicity, according to love, sensitivity. You are living out of meditation, and nobody has ever gone mad out of meditation.

Meditation is the only safeguard; otherwise everybody is on the brink of madness. So let them call you crazy, it is perfectly beautiful.

I am crazy. My people are all crazy.