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Chapter 13: Religion Is a Song, Poetry, a Dance of Your Heart

The blind man went back to the Zen master and said, “Look, never give a lamp to another blind man again. If there was no lamp I would have walked more cautiously. I always walk cautiously. Because of the lamp I walked as if I were no longer blind - and the lamp went out. But how was I to know that the lamp went out? Because of this lamp, for the first time I have been hurt by a man. Otherwise, I have walked my whole life in every possible situation, but because I was so cautious, always making noise with my stick on the road so people can feel that some blind man is there, always groping with my stick in the darkness so I know where I am, whether I am facing a wall or a door.. It was the first time that I walked without any fear.”

And that’s what is happening to your psychotherapists, Patrick. They think they know - they know nothing. They are more informed, but information is not knowing. They are well educated, but they have not a higher being than you. And help is possible only when somebody higher than you gives you a hand.

More psychotherapists go mad than any other profession and more psychotherapists commit suicide than any other profession. And it is natural. Living with mad people, one can understand - they become affected.

A few scenes will be helpful to you..

The first scene:

A man walks into a psychiatrist’s office.

“You must help me!” he exclaims.

“What do you do for a living?” asks the shrink.

“I am an automobile mechanic.”

“Get under the couch!”

The second scene:

First psychiatrist: “Hello!”

Second psychiatrist: “I wonder what you mean by that?”

The third scene:

The patient: “Of course I am upset, doctor. I have eleven children and I find out my husband does not love me.”

The doctor: “You are very lucky. Imagine if he did!”

The fourth scene:

“Doctor, my wife accuses me of being a compulsive card-player.”

“That’s ridiculous. Now shut up and deal!”

And the fifth scene:

“Doctor, now that you have cured me of my homosexual tendencies and since this is our last session, may I kiss you good-bye?”

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