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Chapter 3: Grow Real Roses

If a child is brought up by many women in the commune and comes in contact with many men and many women he will not have a certain idea, he will have a more vague vision. He will not have a certainty how a man should be or a woman should be, his idea of a woman will contain many pictures. And then there will be more possibility of finding a woman who can fulfill him or a man with whom life can be a contentment, because one of the greatest miseries is that you are looking for someone you cannot find, hence everybody will seem to be falling short; nothing will ever satisfy you.

And because you will not be confined to one family you will not carry the rotten heritage of the family. Otherwise the Hindu parents will make the child Hindu, and a Hindu child is bound to be against the Mohammedans, against the Christians, against everybody else. And so is the case with the Jews and with the Christians and the Mohammedans. If the child moves with many people in a commune and feels attuned with the whole commune.

For example, in this commune, you can look at Siddhartha. He lives absolutely freely. Such a little child, with such freedom! He has no attachment to the mother or to the father. He makes friendships with grown-up people, then he starts living with them. He has so many friends - men and women, and all kinds of friends - children, grown-ups. He is really getting the idea of so many people that his vision of humanity is bound to be vast.

He had asked me - he was living in a kids’ house where only kids live - he asked me, “Osho, I want to live with real men, not with kids. Enough is enough! I have lived with kids long enough.” So I sent him to live with Govinddas and other sannyasins. And they complained: “Sometimes he comes at twelve o’clock in the night and sometimes at one o’clock, sometimes at two o’clock. This is too much! He goes to parties and to dramas and to the disco and he is disturbing us continuously! And he has possessed the whole room - as if the room belongs to him and we are just living in his room! He has put all his things all around the room - all his toys are everywhere! So please,” they asked me, “remove him!”

I told him to go to his mother, Neerja, to live with her. He said, “That is the last place I want to go! But if you say so I will go.” He has been forced to go and live with the mother at least for a few days. And he has been living with many families, with many couples. Wherever he goes he makes friendships, and there are so many friends that he is never out of money - he asks everybody!

Sattva was once Neerja’s lover. Now that love relationship is broken, but the love that has grown between Sattva and Siddhartha has continued. They are still friends - Sattva still has to give him money! He comes every day: “Today I need five rupees, ten rupees.”

One day Sattva said, “I don’t have any money.” Then he said “You can ask me!” And he brought five rupees from somewhere and gave it to Sattva! “Why don’t you ask me? I have so many friends, I can bring as much money as you want!”

Now, this child will be a totally different child! He has lived with Jews and with Christians and with Hindus. He will not be conditioned by anything, he will not have any conditioning. He will have a vast territory of being available to him.

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