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Chapter 8: The Head Is Compulsory, but Not the Cap

You have to understand the meaning of absurd. In life everything that is significant is absurd. When you fall in love with someone it is absurd, it is not logical. You cannot give us a logical answer why you have fallen in love with a particular person - man or woman. It is something beyond you that has gripped you. It is not your doing. Even if you wanted to prevent it, you could not have succeeded; in fact you were absolutely helpless.

Your joy in a world full of misery is absurd. It has no relation to the miserable humanity. You are completely alone. Everything that is valuable - you love music, you are enchanted with beauty, you are seeking truth, you want to know yourself - all these are absurd activities. Meditating is absurd; it would be better and more logical to earn money.

Just before I left Nepal, a group of sannyasins from Delhi had come to prevent me from going out of Nepal or out of India - a kind of deputation. They were ready to purchase a big palace and make every arrangement for a commune. But I told them, “Right now you are being emotional. You will be in difficulty. The palace costs one million dollars. Perhaps you can collect that much donation, saying that if the palace is not purchased, I am going to leave. But the palace is not the only thing; then there will be at least fifty people living there, and you will not be able to support them.

“It is not a question of one day, so be logical. Your asking me to remain in India is out of love, but it is absurd. You will create trouble for me and trouble for yourselves. So you go back, think it over. I will wait here ten days more. You can come after seven days with the decision.”

They never came. They must have understood the implications - they will not be able to manage it. But their insistence was out of love, not out of reason.

I am absurd because whatever I am teaching to you goes against everything that you have been taught. And you have been taught things for so long that you have forgotten completely that they are questionable.

For example, every culture in the world has believed, has conditioned its younger generations, with an idea that love is permanent, that if you love a person, you love that person forever. This idea has prevailed for centuries all over the world. It looks logical that if you love a person, the very phenomenon of love will make it permanent. And why has everybody accepted it? - because you also desire that it should be permanent. Everybody wants his love to be permanent.

So the idea and your desire synchronize, and it becomes a truth.so much so, that if your love changes, then not only others, but you yourself start thinking that it was not love - that’s why it changed. You don’t change the basic idea of permanent love; you start thinking, “Perhaps what I thought was love was not love, because it has changed - and love does not change.”

I am bound to be absurd, because I want to say to you that in life everything changes - in spite of your desire for no change. It does not matter that sitting by the side of the river you desire that the river should not go on flowing, that the seasons should not change, that the flowers should not die, that youth should never turn into old age, that life should never end up in a graveyard.

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