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Chapter 2: The Greatest Miracle

A master is like a roseflower. If you can see, see. If you cannot see, forget. You will never be able to know its meaning because the meaning is just in front of you. Don’t make a parable out of it. Parables mean you have started interpreting, and whatsoever you interpret is going to be your interpretation.

I have heard:

Mulla Nasruddin was caught fishing at a place where there was a big sign: No Fishing Here. The warden who caught him asked, “Nasruddin, can’t you see the sign? Can’t you read? - No fishing here.” He pointed to the sign.

Mulla Nasruddin said, “Yes, I can read, but I don’t agree. There is good fishing here. Who says ‘no fishing here.’ There is good fishing here. Just look at this lot I have landed today. Whoever put that sign up must be crazy.”

Now this is your interpretation. It is a simple sign:- No Fishing Here. The meaning is not to be found, it is simply there.

When a Zen master says something, or when any master says something, his meaning is absolutely clear, obvious. It is just in front of you. Don’t try to avoid it. If you start looking for meaning you will look left and right and you will miss that which is in front of you. It is a simple statement: “I am sitting here alone with me.”

Try it, to have the feel. Just sit alone sometimes. That’s what meditation is all about - just sitting alone, doing nothing, Just try. If you start feeling lonely then there is something missing in your being, then you have not been able yet to understand who you are.

Then go deeper into this loneliness until you come to a layer when suddenly loneliness transforms itself into aloneness. It transforms - it is a negative aspect of the same phenomenon. Loneliness is the negative aspect of aloneness. If you go deeper into it one moment is bound to come when suddenly you will start feeling the positive aspect of it. Because both aspects are always together.

So be lonely, suffer loneliness. It is difficult, meditation is difficult. People come to me and they ask, “Yes, we are ready to sit, but give us a mantra so that we can chant a mantra.” What are they asking? They are saying that they don’t want to be alone, they don’t want to face their loneliness. They will chant a mantra - the mantra will become their companion. They will say, “Ram, Ram, Ram” - now they are not alone. Now this sound of “Ram” continuously repeated will become their companion.

They are missing the whole point. Transcendental Meditation, TM, is not meditation at all, because meditation simply means to be alone, not doing anything - not even chanting a mantra. Because this is a trick of the mind. That’s what the mind has always been doing. When you sit alone, have you watched how many fantasies reveal themselves to you?.endless fantasies, daydreams. Whenever you are alone, you start daydreaming. Whenever you don’t have anything to do and you feel bored, immediately you escape into daydreams.

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