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Chapter 9: Bon Voyage Baby!

The two old maids lived their lonely lives together until, rather unexpectedly, a stranger arrived on the scene and whisked one of them away in matrimony.

After the honeymoon the new bride visited her unmarried friend and painted an ecstatic picture of married life.

“Our honeymoon,” she said, “was like a cruise down the Mediterranean, a sail into a glorious sunset. It was wonderful!”

The second old maid was very much impressed and determined to get a man for herself. She showed her bank book around town and eventually nailed a local gigolo. They were married at once and began their honeymoon.

They climbed into their wedding bed, and in a short time the husband was flushed with excitement. The bride, however, was cool as a cucumber and decidedly unaffected by the proceedings.

“I simply don’t understand it,” she said rather indignantly. “My friend told me that marriage was like a cruise down the Mediterranean, like a sail into glorious sunset.”

“Oh, she did, eh?” said the guy, now trembling with uncontrollable excitement, “Well, bon voyage, baby - I’m sailing without you!”

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