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Chapter 10: Compassion Can Only Be Unlimited

It is a dance which is multi-dimensional.

Every creativity comes out of this space:

poetry, music, sculpture.

all that is great is born through this womb,

the womb of inner silence.

To take it deeper.

Rupesh, give another beat for everyone to die.


Just let the body breathe,

but you go on and on inward.

This is the sacred temple of your being.

Out of it arises every virtue

and if you forget it, your life is meaningless.

A thousand and one roses

blossom in this silence.

If you forget it, your life is just a drag

from the cradle to the grave.

It is all up to you

whether you want to live in a desert

or in a garden;

whether you want to be just bones and a skeleton

or a divine consciousness.

Rupesh, give the beat so that all those who have died can come back to life.



but don’t forget the moment you have been in

and don’t forget the space

that you have traveled.

Don’t forget that nothing is more precious

than your own being.

This remembrance

makes you all buddhas.

Can we celebrate with so many buddhas?