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Chapter 40: The Body Does Not Have Beliefs

And that seems to be the state of these therapists: they are thinking about their own pockets. They are not worried about what happens to the people. What they are suggesting, they themselves have not lived; it is not their experience. And it is dishonest to tell somebody something that is not your experience, and put him into a state which can drive him crazy.

Hypnosis can be dangerous too. In wrong hands anything can be dangerous; otherwise hypnosis is a simple form of relaxation. But it can be dangerous, because the man, if he is bent upon cheating you, in those states when you are under hypnosis can suggest to you things that you don’t want to do. But you will have to do them when you wake up.

I used to work with one of my students. I lived in his house for six months. His brother was my friend, and I was alone and there was no point in getting a house - and who was going to take care of it? So he said, “You’d better stay with me.” And I discovered really a beautiful medium in his younger brother.

I started hypnotizing him. Just to give an example to you: one day I told him, “Tomorrow, exactly at twelve o’clock, you will kiss your pillow madly.” The second day, nearabout quarter to twelve, he started looking a little strange, afraid, watching everybody, everywhere, and just in front of him I took his pillow and locked it in my suitcase. I could see tears coming into his eyes. I said, “What is the matter? Why are you crying?”

He said, “I don’t know, but something like this has never happened to me. It is so strange.I cannot describe.” And exactly at twelve he came to me and he said, “Please return my pillow.”

I said, “What will you do at twelve? In the evening I will return it.”

He said, “You have to return it to me right now.”

I gave him the pillow and before six other people he started kissing the pillow madly, and looking at people thinking that he must look mad.and he himself thinking that he is mad - what is he doing?

I said, “Don’t be worried, that’s what everybody is doing. When a man is kissing a woman, a woman is kissing a man, that is a natural hypnosis, a biological hypnosis; the biology has hypnotized your chromosomes. It is not that you are doing it.and feeling so awkward, you don’t want to do it before others, you want some lonely place of your own. Don’t be worried! It makes no difference whether it is a pillow or a woman. What you are doing, you are not doing - it is your unconscious which is forcing you to do it.”

He said, “That is the trouble. That’s what I feel. Something in me says, ‘Kiss,’ and I know that this is stupid. This is only a pillow. Why should I kiss it?”

You can, under hypnosis, manage anything if you are a person who is just trying to cheat people. You can even tell the person to murder someone and he will murder - and he will be punished. He may be sentenced to death, and he will not have any explanation to give. And nobody can touch you who hypnotized him, because nobody will ever know what you did in hypnosis, while he was asleep.

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