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Chapter 10: The Fire Test of Love

The first question:

Why do disciples betray their master? Vijayananda and Mahesh are now speaking against you.
Also another sannyasin of yours has written in Current: “When my master speaks against politics he is falling below religion.” He also says: “I am a living disciple, this is why I can speak against my master.”

Jesus was crucified because of his disciple Judas. A rock was rolled down the mountains towards Buddha by his disciple Devadatta. Mahavira had to undergo many insults, condemnation, and endure many rebukes, because of his disciple Goshala. It is natural. And what has happened before will happen again. This drama is the same, only the actors change. The stage is the same, the play is the same, only the players change. And, certainly, it is good to understand the psychology of what has happened in the past and is happening again today and will go on happening tomorrow.

There are four categories of disciples. The first category is that of the student, the one who comes out of curiosity. He comes, but with no longing for meditation, no spiritual longing, no thirst to attain to the divine. He thinks, “Let’s go and see, so many people are going there, perhaps there is something in it.”

You will also stop if you see a crowd standing around in the street and you will start asking, “What’s going on?” You want to enter the crowd, you want to see because something must be happening. Not that you have any purpose to be there, you were going about your own business.

Some people come here accidentally. Someone was coming here and you met him. He said, “What are you doing just sitting here, come with me. We can go and sit in satsang.” You weren’t occupied at the time, you didn’t have anything to do, so you came along with him. The wife was coming and the husband came along with her. The husband was coming and the wife came along too. The father was coming and the son came along also.

Many people just come accidentally like this. Their state is that of a student. They will collect a little information as they listen to me. Their knowledge will increase a little, their memory system will become a little more enriched. Among those who come in this way, only ten out of a hundred will stay, ninety will leave. And even if ten stay it is a miracle, because they had not come because of any conscious decision, out of any conscious motive, they came here as unconscious as ever, with someone else pushing them. They stumbled upon the shore like a piece of driftwood floating in water touches some riverbank. How long will a piece of driftwood stay stuck on the shore? A gust of wind can come and it will again float away. Its staying or going are the same. But even among such people, ten percent stay. The ten percent who stay enter into the second stage.

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