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Chapter 18: Love Is the Only Friend

To see this mysterious existence, to feel it in the deepest core of your heart, and immediately a prayer arises - a prayer that has no words to it, a prayer that is silence, a prayer that doesn’t say anything but feels tremendously, a prayer that arises out of you like fragrance, a prayer that is like music with no words, celestial music, or what Pythagoras used to call “the harmony of the stars,” the melody of the whole. When that music starts rising in you, that’s what the Secret of the Golden Flower is all about: suddenly a flower bursts open in you, a golden lotus. You have arrived, you have come home.

This is what I am provoking you towards, this is what I am trying to awaken in you - this desire, this longing, this thirst, this appetite. Once you are possessed by this hunger, for the first time you will become aware of the benediction and the beatitude of existence. You will not feel meaningless, you will not feel accidental. You will not feel at all as Jean-Paul Sartre says, that “Man is a useless passion”; no, not at all. You will feel yourself tremendously significant, because you are part of an infinite significance, and you are to contribute something by your being here.

You will become creative, because that is the only way to be really thankful to God - to be creative, to make this existence a little more beautiful than you had found it. The day you leave, this will be your only contentment: if you have made the existence a little more beautiful.

When a buddha leaves he leaves in tremendous contentment because he knows he is leaving the existence behind with a little more poetry in it, with a little more awareness in it, with a little more prayer in it.

Remember that when you leave the world, you can die in contentment only if you have made this world a little more worth living in, a little more meaningful, a little more dancing, celebrating. If you have added a little festivity to it, a little laughter, a little sense of humor, if you have been able to light a small lamp of light and you have been able to disperse a little darkness from the world, you will die in utter joy - you are fulfilled, your life has been of fruition and flowering. Otherwise people die in misery.

Jean-Paul Sartre is right for the majority of the people, but that majority is living in ignorance, unconsciousness. That majority is not really yet able to declare its humanity. Only a Buddha or a Krishna or a Zarathustra or a Jesus can claim that they are human beings. They are human beings because they have bloomed: their whole beings have come to flowering. Now nothing is left, all is fulfilled.

Create this longing, this thirst. You have the seed, all that you need is a thirst. That thirst will become the occasion for the seed to sprout. You have the potential, all that you need is a tremendous longing. If you become aflame with longing you will be purified. The baser metal of your life will be transformed into a higher metal, into gold. This is all that alchemy is about. And the Secret of the Golden Flower is an alchemical treatise.

Enough for today.