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Chapter 28: To Be a Stranger

I don’t feel you will remain a stranger or an outsider for a long time if you authentically enjoy your aloneness and the beauty that showers when you are a pure silence and nothing else, and the flowers that blossom in that spring of aloneness. You will find for the first time those people to whom you belong and it will not take much effort on your part to search for them. Because it is very difficult to search, simply remain in your silence and your silence will be heard more loudly than any noise. Your love will start radiating, spreading its net, pulling people without their being even fully aware of where they are going and for what. They will realize only when they have arrived and become a part of this big caravan. What is happening to you is one of the greatest things that can happen to a person.

You say, “I feel a longing that brings me towards you.” The same longing will be felt by many, and this will bring them to you just as a longing has brought you to me. Learn from this.

I have nothing to give you. I cannot give you a direct contact with God, because as far as I am concerned there is no God and there is no heaven and no hell. That’s how I am dismantling all the beliefs that the past has given to you. I want you to be without beliefs, without promises, without future, without past - just enjoying the moment in its fullness. And this is your moment, just as it is my moment.

And if in our rejoicing we meet, it does not create a bondage. If in our total living of the present we find ourselves in deep love, in deep friendliness, it does not create any chains, it does not make any contracts; it has nothing to do with the next moment. This moment lived totally and intensely becomes almost equal to eternity. It is enough unto itself.

You are saying, “But a passion and desire to fall in love with someone seems to be no longer there.” Once you have tasted something of higher quality it is simply natural that things of lower quality will not attract you. If a longing has arisen in you to come close to me.now you cannot think of continuing your old passions and desires and love affairs which you used to think were great. Now you are having the greatest love affair possible.

More and more only such affairs will be happening. You will live on a totally different plane of consciousness, and lower planes will be left far behind. But you are not a loser. You are a winner. You are growing.

You are worried whether you are right or you are going astray. As far as the crowd is concerned, you are not right, can never be right and you are certainly going astray. That will be the judgment of the crowd. Because you have left the crowd, their scriptures, their religions, their ideologies - you don’t belong to them - naturally, according to them you are not right, can never be right, and you have certainly gone astray.

But according to me you have rightly gone astray. Nothing could have been more right than going astray from the crowd.

A doctor who worked in a psychiatric hospital got a flat tire in the parking lot, and when he took the wheel off he dropped the wheel-nuts down the drain. He was at a loss what to do when one of the inmates walked up and told him to take one nut from each of the other wheels and that would last until he got to a garage.

The doctor was very impressed and said, “That’s good thinking on your part, young man. Why are you in here?”

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