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Chapter 1: The Foundation of Meditation

My Beloved Ones,

First, I would like to welcome you, because you have a longing for the divine; because you desire to rise above ordinary life towards the life of a seeker and because, despite your worldly desires, you have a thirst for truth.

The people who have felt the thirst for truth are fortunate; out of the millions of people who are born, only a few ever feel the longing for truth. To know truth is a great blessing - but even to have the longing for it is as great a blessing. Even if you don’t attain it that is okay, but to never have experienced the thirst at all would be a great misfortune.

I would like to say that it is not important to know truth. What is important is that you have the longing for it, that you make every effort towards experiencing it, that you work hard for it and yearn for it, and that you are determined and do everything you can possibly do towards this end. If in spite of this you don’t attain it that does not matter. But never to have experienced this thirst at all - that would be the greatest tragedy.

I would also like to say that to know truth is not as important as to have an authentic yearning for it. That yearning is a joy in itself. If the desire is for something insignificant, there will be no joy even if you get it; but if you long for the significant, the ultimate and you don’t get it, then you will be filled with joy even if you don’t get it. I repeat: if you desire a small thing and you get it, you will still not be as happy as when you long for the ultimate and you don’t get it. you will still be filled with joy and happiness.

The divine will be born in you according to the intensity with which you seek it. That does not mean that some supreme soul or energy from outside will enter your being. The seed is already present within you, and it will start growing. But it will grow only if you are able to give some warmth to your thirst, some heat and some fire to your thirst.

The more you long for the divine, the more is the possibility that the seed which is hidden within your heart will grow, that it will sprout and become the divine; that it will break open, that it will blossom.

If you have ever thought of experiencing the divine, if you have ever experienced a desire for silence, for truth, then know that the seed within you is longing to sprout. It means that some hidden thirst within you wants to be fulfilled. Try to understand that a very significant struggle is taking place within you; you will have to help this struggle and support it. You will have to support it because it is not enough that the seed has sprouted: a more nourishing environment is also needed. And even if the seed has sprouted, it does not mean that it will also bloom. For that, much more is needed.

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