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Chapter 4: Knowing the Mind

My beloved ones,

The mind of man has become sick, a wound. It is no longer a healthy center, it has become an unhealthy ulcer. That is why all your attention is concentrated on it. Perhaps you may not have thought about the fact that when a part of the body becomes sick, all one’s attention moves towards it.

You only become aware of the leg if there is pain in it; if there is no pain then you are not aware of the leg at all. If there is a wound in the hand then you become aware of the hand; if there is no wound you do not notice it at all. In one way or the other your mind has certainly become sick, because you are aware only of it and nothing else for twenty-four hours a day.

The healthier a body is, the less it will be felt. You feel only that part which has become unhealthy. And the only part of the body which you now feel is the head. Your consciousness only moves around it - only knows it, only recognizes it. A sick wound has appeared there. Without becoming free of this wound, without becoming free of this very tense and very restless state of mind, no person can move towards his center of life. So today we will discuss this state, the mind, and how to change it.

The first thing is that you should clearly understand the state which is mind. If you sit alone for ten minutes and sincerely write down on a piece of paper whatever thoughts are going through your mind, you will be unwilling to show that paper to even your dearest friend - because you will find thoughts which are so mad that neither you nor anyone else could have expected them. You will find such irrelevant, useless and contradictory thoughts that you will think you have gone mad.

If you sincerely write down whatever comes into your mind for ten minutes you will be very surprised at what is happening there. You will wonder if you are sane or crazy. You never look into your mind even for ten minutes to see what is going on there - or maybe it is that you do not look into it because deep down you already know what is happening there. Perhaps you are afraid.

That is why people are afraid of being alone and are looking for company for twenty-four hours a day - wanting to meet friends or go to a club or something. And if they cannot find anybody then they will read a newspaper or listen to the radio. Nobody wants to be alone because the moment you are alone you start finding out about your real state.

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