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Chapter 10: Man Is Born in Tao

This is the real sage - the one who lives in the moment, for whom this moment is enough. He is fulfilled. There is no heaven for him, he is heaven himself. There is no God for him, he has become divine himself. This will be very difficult, because whatsoever I am saying is against many centuries of teaching and poisoning. Eat when you feel hungry, and in that moment make eating a celebration. Celebrate! Because who knows, next time you may not be there. The hunger may not be there, nor this beautiful bread. Thirst may not be there - nor may this river be there. Drink it! Let yourself be so concentrated here that time stops. Because time is not moving - your mind moves. If you are in this moment, totally concentrated, enjoying it with your total being, time stops. There is no movement of time, there is no horizon and no running after it. But everybody is in a hurry to reach the horizon.

It happened that Mulla Nasruddin entered a hospital. The surgeon who was going to operate said to him, “Here we believe in speed, and we don’t waste any time. After the operation, on the very first day you have to walk for five minutes in the room; the next day, for half an hour, outside the hospital; the third day, a long walk of one hour. Here we don’t waste time. Life is short and time is money. It has to be saved.”

Mulla Nasruddin said, “Just one question - do you mind if I lie down for the operation?”

Everybody is in a hurry. Where are you going in such a hurry? Have you ever seen somebody reaching anywhere? Have you heard of anybody who has ever reached anywhere through hurry, through impatience, through speed? We have heard about a few people who reached by stopping, but we have never heard of anybody who reached by running. Buddha stopped and reached; Jesus stopped and reached; Chuang Tzu stopped and reached. You carry the goal within you, there is nowhere else to go. But desire leads you to distant lands, to distant times, to distant points in space. And the more you are desirous, the more you are in a hurry, the more you go on missing yourself - frustrated, tattered, you are just a ruin before you die.

But in that ruin the desire is still there. You have gathered a whole life of experiences of desire, and your mind says, “You failed because you didn’t make enough effort. Look, others have succeeded. Look at the neighbors, they have succeeded; but you have failed because you didn’t run fast enough. Next time be ready.”

You gather all this attitude in a seed, then you are born again and the whole vicious circle starts again. Where are you going? Is there anywhere to go? And even if you reach somewhere you will still be yourself. Even if you are made a president this very moment, of this country or some other country, do you think anything will change? You will remain the same - the same frustrated being, the same ambitious being, with the same tension, the same anguish, the same nightmares.

Mulla Nasruddin once knocked at his psychiatrist’s door. Said the psychiatrist, “What is the matter now?”

Mulla Nasruddin said, “I’m having a nightmare, it recurs every night. Help me! I cannot sleep, it has become a heavy burden on my head. Something has to be done now!”

He was really in trouble, his eyes were sore and his whole body looked as if he had not slept for many, many months.

The psychiatrist became concerned. He said, “Tell me, tell me about the nightmare. What is it?”

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