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Chapter 9: Everybody Wants to Change the World

Look around - because it is difficult to look at yourself - but look around, look at people. A man is constantly occupied with money. What is he really doing? - focusing his mind on money so he can avoid himself. He goes on thinking about money, morning, evening and night. Even in his bed he thinks about money and his bank balance. What is he doing with his money? That’s why when he gets money he is at a loss. What to do now? So the moment he gets the money he was thinking about he starts thinking about more money, because money is not the thing he was asking for. Otherwise, when he gets it he should feel fulfilled, but not even a Rockefeller or a Ford is fulfilled.

When you get money you immediately demand more, because the basic motivation is not the money, the basic motivation is how to remain occupied. Whenever occupation is not there you are uncomfortable, a deep unease arises in you. What to do? If there is nothing to do, you will read the same newspaper again and again and again; the same newspaper that you have already completely read. If there is no occupation, you may do anything which is not needed at all, but you cannot remain at ease. Hence the insistence of all the masters, that if you can sit for a few hours without doing anything, soon you will become enlightened.

An unoccupied state of mind is meditation. An occupied state of mind is the world, the sansara. It doesn’t matter what type of occupation: whether you are interested in money or politics, or social service or revolution, it makes no difference; your sanity is the same. If you leave even Lenin alone he will go mad: he needs the society and the revolution; if there is nothing to do it will be impossible for him to exist, his sanity will be lost. He is sane through you. Because of so much work, the energy is lost in the work, you are exhausted, you can go to sleep.

Old men look almost crazy and eccentric, and the reason is that they have nothing to do. Old age is not the reason: they are now unoccupied, they are not needed, retired. Retired people always become a little eccentric. Something has gone wrong with them. The man was okay, he may have been a president or a prime minister of a country, but retire him and see what happens. Immediately he deteriorates. His body and mind both deteriorate and he starts becoming a little eccentric, crazy, mad, because now there is no occupation, nobody looks at him, nobody is interested in him. He has no work to do, nowhere to focus his mind. The whole turmoil goes in and in: he becomes a turmoil.

Psychologists say that retired persons die ten years earlier than they would have died if they had still been occupied. What happens? Why is it so difficult to be with yourself? And you always think that others should feel happy with you: your wife should feel happy with you, your husband should feel happy with you. You yourself never feel happy with yourself, so how can anybody else feel happy with you? If you are such a boring personality that you yourself get bored with yourself, how is it possible that others can tolerate you? They tolerate you for other reasons, not because you are such a loving person, no! They tolerate you because you give them an occupation. A husband is enough occupation for a wife, a wife is enough occupation for her husband. This is a mutual deception: they have agreed to deceive each other and help each other to remain occupied.

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