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Chapter 12: Seeing Is Transformation

I have four specialties: I sleep very deeply in your discourse, I eat lots of chocolate and ice cream, I am a German girl and I am fooling around with an Indian swami. Can I get enlightened?

Sleep is very helpful. Enlightenment is very close to sleep. Patanjali has exactly defined samadhi as sleep with only one little difference: that it is conscious sleep. The body sleeps, the mind sleeps, but something far more deep in you remains awake - at the very center of your being, a flame of awareness. So deep sleep is nothing to be worried about: deep sleep - that is very good. And these discourses are meant for that. Just keep a little alert deep inside. If you don’t listen to my discourse, that is not to be worried about; just remain a little alert inside. And if my discourse can help you to fall into a deep sleep, at least something is happening, you are on the right track. Just a little deeper.

And if you eat lots of chocolate and ice cream it’s perfectly good because you may not be coming again, so be finished with it. Eat as much chocolate and ice cream as you want because on the farther shore there is no ice cream, no chocolate - and I am telling you from my experience. Do you know how miserable I feel? Now I repent - why didn’t I eat chocolate and ice cream and all kinds of things? But when I was as asleep as you are, Deeksha was not around!

And there is no need to be worried that you are a German girl. If you had been a California girl, then there would be trouble. Germans are one-pointed people; they go like arrows, direct to the point, they don’t go zigzag. That is not their way. Once they have decided something then they follow it to the very end - whatsoever happens. They don’t look here and there, they don’t look backward. That’s why I have such a soft spot for German people. That’s perfectly okay. Just Californians are in a difficulty.

A Californian bumper sticker: Warning. I Brake For Hallucinations.

As far as enlightenment is concerned one has to beware only of hallucinations, because one can hallucinate that one has become enlightened. Many Californians are hallucinating. Now there are as many enlightened people in California as there have ever been anywhere in the world. In the whole history of humanity there have not been so many enlightened people as you will find everywhere in California. Almost in every house you will find enlightened people. Anybody can hallucinate. So I am perfectly happy that you are a German girl.

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