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Chapter 3: The Marvel of Marvels

Jesus says this is the marvel of all marvels: .how this great wealth - of divine beingness, of divinity, of godliness - has made its home in such poverty. Drunken people, asleep, poor, begging continuously all their lives; asking for ugly things, fighting for ugly things, obsessed with disease and illness; and God has made it his temple, and God has made it his abode, his abode in you! Jesus says this is the best - impossible, incomprehensible - mystery. Marvel of all marvels! Nothing can transcend this.

This is the affliction of a Buddha, of a Jesus: looking at you, emperors who have the kingdom of God, begging; asking for worthless things, wasting your time, your life, energy, opportunity.

Repent! Look at what you have been doing. It will look so foolish, you will not even be able to believe that you have been doing this. The whole thing will look nonsense.

Look at what you have been doing with your life, look at what you have done to yourself. You are just a ruin, and the ruin is growing every day. In the end you will be just a ruin, totally ruined. And in your begging heart, in your begging mind, there lives the king, the supreme. This is a marvel.

And a Jesus feels much, hence he is so sad, he cannot laugh. Not that laughter is difficult for him: he cannot laugh because of you. He is so sad, he feels so much for you that he goes on devising methods, devising keys to unlock you, to make you that which you already are, to make you realize who you are.

Go through these words and remember one key word: repent. And if you can come to realize that repentance is the key, it will cleanse all your past. You will suddenly be fresh and virgin again.

And when you are fresh, godliness is there, because godliness is nothing but your freshness, your virginity.

Enough for today.