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Chapter 1: To Walk with One’s Own Light

They say, “When is he coming? Are you certain he will keep his promise this time? Yesterday he deceived, the day before yesterday he never came and today also, the promised time is passing by and he seems not to be coming.”

They look again and again at the road - the road is empty - but they never ask the basic question. They never ask, “Who is this Godot?” They never ask, “When did he promise you to come? Where did you meet him? How do you know he exists?” No, they never touch that.

This is how all worldly people live: they never ask the basic questions. It is risky, it is absolutely dangerous. One has to hide, one has to pretend that one knows the basic questions. One goes on always asking secondary questions - remember.

When you come to me it rarely happens that anybody asks a primary question.secondary. And if I try to bring you to the primary, you become scared. You ask futile things which can be answered, but even if answered you are not going to gain anything because they are not basic.

It is as if your house is on fire and you ask, “Who has planted these trees?” The question may look relevant, it can be answered, but what will be the outcome of it? The house is on fire: you have to do something, and ask the fundamental. But they never ask.

Again and again they say, “This day is again passing and he has not come.” And they help each other: “He must be coming, he may be delayed. There are a thousand and one hazards. But he is a man you can rely upon, he is reliable.” And this “he” is simply empty.

One day more has passed and he is not coming, and they get fed-up. And they start saying, “Now it is enough. Enough is enough” - and they are going to leave. They cannot wait anymore - but they never leave! Next day again they are there, sitting in the same place, waiting for Godot again. And yesterday they had decided, very vehemently they had decided, now they will leave, “It is finished! One cannot wait for one’s whole life. If he is coming, it’s okay; if he is not coming, that too is okay.”

Why don’t they leave? They again and again say that they are leaving. The problem is: where to go? You can leave, but where to go? Wherever you will go you will again wait for Godot, a change of place won’t help. You can come to India, you can be in England or in America or you can go to Japan, but what will be the outcome? You will be waiting for Godot. Japan, England, India - it is the same. The change of geography won’t help.

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