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Chapter 9: Look!

It is Zen which goes to the deepest root of the illness called man. It says: Unless a person comes to see that the form is illusory, that the thought is illusory, not only that, but that the person believed, inferred, to be behind the mind, the self, is also illusory.when all these three have been known, looked into, and found lacking in substantiality, there arises the look. That look gives you that which is real - that which is.

These are the Three Pillars of Zen.

No-form means all the forms in the world are fluid, in a flux. The child is becoming young, and the young man is becoming old, and the old man is dying, and the dying is getting ready to be born again. One form constantly changes into another form. It is a flux of forms. no form is substantial, because no form abides. All forms come and go; they are dreams, bubbles - soap bubbles. They are there one moment and another moment they are not there. Their existence is momentary. They are made of the stuff dreams are made of.

The real is that which remains forever and forever. The real is that which is timeless. Forms are not real because they don’t abide. Look into the forms. When Ikkyu said, “Look” - the first look means look into the grossest ego - ego number one. The Master Ikkyu was indicating a great maxim - the greatest. When he said the first look and wrote the word look, he w as saying, “Look into the body, into the form; you are not that - and it is not real. Substance is very non-substantial, illusory, magical. “

The first look is to look into ego number one. Once you have understood that the form goes on changing, you cannot become attached to the form, you cannot get identified with the form. How can you be identified with that which comes and goes? In the morning, it is light; in the night, it is dark. You are sitting in your room. Comes morning and the room becomes full of rays and there is light. And comes afternoon, and comes evening; it is becoming dark and the sun disappears and the room becomes dark. It is night and it is utterly dark.

You cannot say, “I was the morning,” or “I was the afternoon,” or “I was the evening,” or “I am the night.” You cannot say. You are the watcher, the looker. Morning comes and goes, evening comes and goes. You go on watching.

Childhood is a morning, youth is the afternoon, old age is the evening, and then the dark night - death. And so on.the wheel moves.

But who are you? Look!

The first look of Ikkyu means look into the form, the grossest. Learn from there. Once you have looked into the grossest and the ego number one has disappeared, you will be able to see into the second - the psychological. You can see your body is just a fluid, a flux, constantly changing. So is your mind! Thoughts are moving so fast. Not for a single moment does the thought remain. It comes and goes. How can you be these thoughts? These thoughts are just like moving clouds in the sky, the traffic on the road. You are the watcher. Look.!

The second time when Ikkyu said, “Look, look,” he meant look into ego number two, the psychological. If you look deeply you will come to know you are not the mind. No-form, no-mind.

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