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Chapter 1: A Journey into Love

The master said, “Why not ask about your own mind or self instead of somebody else’s?”

“What then is my self, O master?” asked the disciple.

“You have to see what is known as ‘the secret act.’”

“What is ‘the secret act’? Tell me, master,” asked the disciple.

The master opened his eyes and closed them.

This is the secret act. Open your eyes and see him, and close your eyes and see him. He is within and without. Don’t make a distinction between the inner and the outer, because in him there are no distinctions. He is the inner and he is the outer. The master opened his eyes - very indicative, very Zen-like. Kabir would have liked the story himself. The master opened his eyes, looked at the world, he said, “Life,” and closed his eyes and said, “Look within” - the innermost and the outer.

If you can love the inner and the outer, if you can be aware of the outer and the inner, you have arrived. And this arrival can happen only now. Don’t postpone it. Don’t say tomorrow, because the tomorrow never comes.

Enough for today.