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Chapter 8: Life in True Faith

And when you see something stationary, don’t be befooled - it is stationary but something is already moving. Now scientists say that everything is moving, even this stationary wall, the rock. They are moving so fast, their atoms are moving so fast, that you cannot see the movement. That’s why they look stationary.

The movement is so fast, just the same speed as a light ray moves. A light ray moves one hundred and eighty-six thousand miles in one second. This is the movement of an atom. It moves in a circle. It is going so madly fast it looks static.

Nothing is static and nothing is absolutely moving. Everything is both - something moving, something static - and the static remains the base of all movement. When you see something static don’t be befooled; look inside and somewhere you will find the movement already happening. If you see something moving, look for the stationary. You will always find it there, it is absolutely certain, because one extreme cannot exist alone.

If I give you a staff and tell you that this staff has only one extreme, there is no other extreme, you will say it is impossible. If it has one extreme then the other must be there, maybe hidden. But it is impossible that a staff should have only one extreme. The other must be there; if there is a beginning the end must be there.

This is what Buddha goes on saying: “If you are born, death must be there. Everything that is born has to die.” Because one end is the beginning, then where is the other end, the other end of the staff? It has to be there. Everything born has to die, everything made will be unmade, everything joined will fall apart, every meeting is a departure, every arrival is a departure.

Look at both simultaneously and immediately the mind disappears. You may feel a little dizzy, because the mind has lived with logical demarcations, logical clarity. When all distinctions disappear, even the opposite is hidden in everything, mind feels dizzy.

Allow that dizziness, let it happen. Soon the dizziness will go and you will settle into a new wisdom, a new knowing, a new vision of reality.

This new vision of reality is the whole, and with this whole you are empty. There is no opinion about it; now you know every opinion is going to be false.

Somebody asked Mahavira, “Is there God?”

And Mahavira said, “Yes, no. Yes and no both.”

The man was puzzled. He said, “I don’t follow. Either you say yes or you say no, but don’t say everything together.”

Mahavira said, “These are only three standpoints. If you want to listen to the whole thing, I have seven standpoints about everything.”

And Mahavira has! First he says yes - one standpoint - not the truth, one aspect. Then he says no - not the truth, another aspect. Then he says yes and no both - the third aspect. Then he says yes and no, both not - the fourth aspect. Then he says yes plus yes and no both - the fifth aspect. No plus yes and no both - the sixth aspect. No plus yes and plus both not - the seventh aspect.

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