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Chapter 10: That Witness Is You

Part II

1. Stand aside in the coming battle,
and though thou fightest be not thou the warrior.

He is thyself,
yet thou art but finite and liable to error.
He is eternal and is sure.
He is eternal truth.
When once he has entered thee
and become thy Warrior,
he will never utterly desert thee,
and at the day of the great peace
he will become one with thee.

2. Look for the warrior and let him fight in thee.

Look for him,
else in the fever and hurry of the fight
thou mayest pass him;
and he will not know thee unless thou knowest him.
If thy cry reach his listening ear
then will he fight in thee
and fill the dull void within.

3. Take his orders for battle and obey them.

Obey him not as though he were a general,
but as though he were thyself,
and his spoken words were the utterance
of thy secret desires;
for he is thyself,
yet infinitely wiser and stronger than thyself.

In life there are two paths to victory.

One is that you try to win through fighting. But this way is just illusory. There will be plenty of fighting, but you will not be able to achieve victory. You will certainly fight, and many times it will seem to you that victory is near, but even then you will discover that in the end you cannot win. Victory eludes you. It will always seem that some time in the near future you will be able to win; your logic, your intellect will affirm that victory is possible - but it won’t happen.

There is a reason for this: the one you are fighting is a part of you. It is as if someone were to make his two hands fight each other - how can there be a victory? Who will win? How? You are in both your hands. If you want, you can set your left hand up against your right one, but in doing so don’t delude yourself into believing that you are only the right hand or only the left hand and not the other one. There can be a fight but it will be futile; neither the right hand nor the left hand can win. Yes, if you want, you can befool yourself with the illusion of one winning over the other - by toppling the left hand with the right hand and thinking that the right hand has won. But this victory will be completely false, because at any moment you can simply let the left hand win instead.

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