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Chapter 16: The Psychology of the Buddhas

I told his gardener, “When he comes out you simply say, ‘What has happened to you? You look so sick.’ And remember to write down what he says.” And to the gardener he said, “It seems that I could not sleep well in the night.”

After his house was the post office, which he had to pass. The postmaster was a friend to him, and I told the postmaster, “You have to do this.”

He said, “But what are you trying to do?”

I said, “It is an argument between me and Professor S.S. Roy, and I am going to prove something to him. I will tell you later on, the whole story. You just do one thing: when Professor Roy passes the post office, you come out. Just hold him and tell him, ‘You are wobbly, don’t go to the university today. I will inform the vice-chancellor that you are not well.’”

And the professor said, “I was also thinking not to go. Something certainly seems to be wrong with the body.”

And finally I had to persuade the peon of the philosophy department, because he used to sit in front of the department. It was very difficult to convince him, but he knew that Professor S.S. Roy loved me so much, I could not mean any harm. I told him, “The moment he comes, you simply jump up - take hold of him. Even if he resists, don’t bother; make him lie down on the bench and tell him, ‘This is not the time for you to walk a mile, you are absolutely sick.’”

He said, “But I am a peon, a poor man.”

I said, “You don’t be worried. For that I give the guarantee that you will not be disturbed. Just remember to write what he says, and remember also whether he resists or not.”

He did not resist. He simply followed the peon’s idea, lay down on the bench and told the peon, “If you can bring the departmental car and tell the driver to take me home.because I don’t think I will be able to manage walking one long mile again. I am utterly sick.”

Then I collected all those notes. S.S. Roy was lying down on a couch like the ones psychoanalysts use for patients, looking as if he had been sick for months. Even his voice showed that he could only whisper. I told him, “You are certainly very sick, but how have you managed just in one night to be so sick that you look as if you have been sick for months? Just last evening when I left you, you were perfectly okay.”

He said, “I am also puzzled.”

I said, “There is no need to be puzzled, read these notes!”

Reading the notes - from the wife to the peon - he suddenly became perfectly okay. He said, “You are such a fellow that it is better not to get in an argument with you! You could have killed me. I was already thinking to make my will.”

I said, “This is the answer to what I have been talking about with you a few days ago - that the body follows the ideas the mind gets.”

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